Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gummi Bear Lab and Gummi Bear Wiki

The Gummi Bear lab is taking place tomorrow in 6th grade.  We are studying measurement, so we will be measuring the length, width, mass, volume, etc, of a gummi bear, thereafter submerging it in water overnight.  Now, you might not think that anything would change, but you are wrong!  I tried it in advance (as all good scientists do) and was amazed at the results.  Will def take pictures for you all to view.  

We will use the following materials:

--Black Forest brand gummi bears (best results....shhhh)

--Haribo brand gummi bears

--Black Forest brand gummi worms (ewwww!  these had CRAZY changes)

--Black Forest brand sour gummi worms (lack of results due to sugar coating)

One of the cool things about this lab is that there is an online wiki where we can submit our data.  So the kids will get to compare to results from around the world!  

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Davey Boy "floyd" said...

I grew up with Haribo Gummi Bears. Yummy treat in school!