Thursday, January 29, 2009

Glacial Fun

In Science, we are discussing glaciers and the erosion that occurs by "glacial plucking". Ultimately, this is what happens when glaciers freeze around rocks, boulders, or other sediments as they slowly move along.

How do you represent this visually?

Ivory Soap=Glacier

Ivory Soap with Hot-Glued "Boulders"=Glacial Plucking

As the glacier "slides along the hillside" (down our playdough mountain), the boulders that have been frozen in leaves behind "scars" or "striations" in the rock (the playdough).

The kids liked it. :) And I got to play with my favorite toy--the glue gun.


Katia Shinkle said...

Oh my gosh. Your hair used to be brown-ish- color? Do you like it better blonde or brown?

Lizzy Bean said...

My hair is naturally brown, sugar. I like it both. :)